mountain elopement

Cliffside Elopement

Kayla + Brandon Elopement

November 2, 2018

I loved shooting this elopement session with these two! They braved the crazy cold wind to hike up to a gorgeous cliff, and it was epic!

It was so cold and windy that day that half the time we were trying not to get blown over! The other half we were making magic! The view on top go the cliff was crazy and made me feel like we were on the set of some epic adventure movie!

Honestly, the wind totally spoke to my heart! I know that most people would prefer the wind to simmer down while shooting, but not me! I often find myself BEGGING for the wind to blow harder. I want movement and mood in my photos and this day was like a dream come true! The wind would not quit and as cold as it was, I don’t think anyone was mad about it!

Also, that wedding dress!!! Lea-Ann Belter Bridal NEVER disappoints! This gown is from their Astrid and Mercedes collection and with the wind, and the low front and back it stole my heart! We threw a leather/sherpa jacket over it to add a little edge and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! I love the idea of adding edge or something personal and original to your wedding day ensemble. Traditional is good but unique is where my heart is!

So, enjoy these shots from this elopement styled shoot and day dream with me about all the windy, warm days!

Mountain Elopement

Allison + Susuk | 9.15.18

Allison and Susuks’ mountain elopement was one for books! I showed up early to Gold Creek Pond because I had never been and was NOT about to get lost in the woods and be late to an elopement. I walked down a little path which opened to a clearing that showed the lake and the most amazing view of the mountains! It took my breath away to say the least.

I had only talked with Allison through social media because, hey elopements aren’t usually planned far out in advance! So as I was keeping an eye out for my couple I explored all around through the wilderness looking for some good places to shoot after the ceremony. I was walking up a path and looked over and saw the crazy blue water and guys! I was unwell!

The couple showed up with friends and beer in tow and they all welcomed me into their friend group like I was one of them! we started the afternoon with a quick ceremony with they friend wearing a Rabi hat (because someone joked about it the week prior). The ceremony was short, sweet, unrehearsed and just what you would expect from Allison and Susuk if you know them at all! This was my first elopement and I can tell you that I freakin LOVED it! I’m all about the joy, fun, unrehearsed, spontaneity of it all!