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In - Home Hangs

Janelle and Beau were SO fun to meet!

I showed up to their apartment excited because Janelle and I talked about them making drinks and a cheese board. Let me tell you, it did NOT disappoint! Beau made drinks for everyone as I pet their sweet dog (and that’s enough to capture my heart right there). Beau handed me that little glass of the first old-fashioned I had ever liked up to that point and well, lets just say a good drink brings people together!

I felt an instant connection with these two and that had a huge part in the photos being some of my favorite to date! These in-home vibes are what my cozy dreams are made of and if you think that’s weird, well, see for yourself!

I loved that Janelle and Beau weren’t afraid to get a little vulnerable and make out in front of me and get nice and cozy in bed together while I stood above them snapping away!

Cheers to ALL the in-home sessions and doggy cuddles!

Cliffside Elopement

Kayla + Brandon Elopement

November 2, 2018

I loved shooting this elopement session with these two! They braved the crazy cold wind to hike up to a gorgeous cliff, and it was epic!

It was so cold and windy that day that half the time we were trying not to get blown over! The other half we were making magic! The view on top go the cliff was crazy and made me feel like we were on the set of some epic adventure movie!

Honestly, the wind totally spoke to my heart! I know that most people would prefer the wind to simmer down while shooting, but not me! I often find myself BEGGING for the wind to blow harder. I want movement and mood in my photos and this day was like a dream come true! The wind would not quit and as cold as it was, I don’t think anyone was mad about it!

Also, that wedding dress!!! Lea-Ann Belter Bridal NEVER disappoints! This gown is from their Astrid and Mercedes collection and with the wind, and the low front and back it stole my heart! We threw a leather/sherpa jacket over it to add a little edge and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! I love the idea of adding edge or something personal and original to your wedding day ensemble. Traditional is good but unique is where my heart is!

So, enjoy these shots from this elopement styled shoot and day dream with me about all the windy, warm days!

Sunrise Anniversary

Shannon + John’s Anniversary Session at Rattle Snake Lake

Ohhhh gosh, where to begin! Shannon and John were seriously INCREDIBLE to work with! They woke up far too early to drive to rattle snake lake on their anniversary to shoot with me!

John and Shannon were so enthusiastic and let me guide them through the whole session. They went along with all my ideas including a champagne pop! It was their anniversary after all, I couldn’t just show up empty handed!

We laughed through the whole morning, with moments of holding back tears (mostly me) as they spoke the softest, sweetest words to each other and reminisced back to their early years. They met and got married within 3 short months and they proved everyone wrong on their 14 wedding anniversary (YEAH, 14!) They’ve got 3 kids now and are more in love than that first day they met! When you know, you know and finding your person is the best feeling in the world. So why not jump in head first with your lover and best friend?!

I was so honored to be able to capture them in this stage of life, completely in love after so many years!

I couldn’t be more thrilled with the photos and the experience I was able to have with these two! They made the early morning wake up well worth it, and lets just be real, they are total #marriagegoals!

Also, scroll to the bottom to find out why Shannon is totally my spirit animal (other than the fact that we have the same name)!