Cozy Couple Session

I had such blast hanging out with Gretchen + Shane on this snowy Super Bowl Sunday. I showed up and realized they have the cutest little puppy. You guys know how much I love a good in-home session with a dog involved! He wouldn’t stop jumping up in front of my lens and it was the cutest, funniest thing! I wish I got a shot of him LITERALLY jumping in front of my lens but he was too quick!

Anyways, Gretchen + Shane were so open to any ideas I had and it totally paid off. They snuggled up in the living room, kitchen and then we headed to the bed room (Don’t be a creep! They just had a pillow fight) Gretchen got Shane with the first blow and I have to admit, I couldn’t stop laughing! From there we moved back to the living room for a dance off and Gretchen was killing me with her ‘floss’! Then we went on the balcony while the snow was falling and it was pretty romantic. They kept each other warm and it was so intimate and sweet(I feel so honored to be trusted to capture moments like that). THEN, we went back inside for the two them to enjoy a quick make out sesh before I headed out.

We got such variety of photos and it was honestly the funnest part of my day. Let’s be real, other than the booze and nachos, I couldn’t care less about the Super Bowl! So, Enjoy these cuties having a blast cause I sure did!

In - Home Hangs

Janelle and Beau were SO fun to meet!

I showed up to their apartment excited because Janelle and I talked about them making drinks and a cheese board. Let me tell you, it did NOT disappoint! Beau made drinks for everyone as I pet their sweet dog (and that’s enough to capture my heart right there). Beau handed me that little glass of the first old-fashioned I had ever liked up to that point and well, lets just say a good drink brings people together!

I felt an instant connection with these two and that had a huge part in the photos being some of my favorite to date! These in-home vibes are what my cozy dreams are made of and if you think that’s weird, well, see for yourself!

I loved that Janelle and Beau weren’t afraid to get a little vulnerable and make out in front of me and get nice and cozy in bed together while I stood above them snapping away!

Cheers to ALL the in-home sessions and doggy cuddles!