shannon swaggerty

I might come off quiet at first, but you may be surprised once you get to know me! I’ll probably cry during your ceremony and then break it down with you on the dance floor. I’m down to hike up a mountain, if that means you get to marry your person in your favorite spot on earth. If you’re planning a non-traditional, do-whatever-YOU-want, kinda wedding,I’m your girl!

I create art from deep within my soul and capture life as it happens! I strive to document life in its purest, rawest forms and seek the truth in all I do. I’m not into stiff, awkward poses, because lets be real, those photos suck to take! I’m into capturing the tickling, teasing, soft, quiet, and unique love that is ‘you’. I want to capture each couple as they are together and create something new every time! I wanna capture that real, raw, mushy-gushy, ‘get-a-room’ love for you! The stuff that gives you butterflies, the way your person holds you tight and makes you feel safe, like the only one around. The way your person is, that makes you think ‘yeah, thats why I love them.’ I wanna get the big moments, the small, the quiet, and in-between moments you think no one sees. Tell me your story and lets make some magic together!

drop me a line if you think we’d be a good fit!